Bams born of an inspiration from four young  Napolitan  entrepreneurs, united by their passion for fashion and crafts, a passion that will lead them to give birth to their idea. To make possible the association between the excellence of Naples and materials, and the latest techniques.


Bams make its debut in the fashion world, offering a must: the balled shoe, a refined and comfortable shoe, at the same time, so beloved by the stars of today and yesterday.

Bams guarantees collection always in step with the times, original and exclusive models, because the uniqueness that distinguishes the made in Italy is the main philosophy of this company.


Collection Bams use 100 % craftsmanship and excellence of the renowned Naples footwear.

The materials use for the collections are the result of a thorough and deep research by which they are born, season after season, exclusives and original fantasies, different materials and sophisticated from velvets against hand cut fabrics until unique colors and styles, from simple tassel, and leathers lined and finished with unique effects until you get a esteemed leathers as crocodile, phiton  and sea snake. Each shoe is unique in its style, as the sole will be the style of the wearer.



Footwear Bams are realized with a method of construction called “ processing little bag”.
This kind of processing involves the separate application separate of the leather of the lining which is build “ like a glove “ on the shape of the shoe and  closed, precisely as a “ little bag “ on the foot.  By working in processing little bag” you get well, more softness and flexibly of the shoe that adapts to the foot and it moves with it, and make it perfect.
This process embodies softness, lightness and processing techniques that are synonymous with quality, materials, research, style and elegance and identify, so, a real  Italian handicraft.

Many of the materials have been waterproofed.
So are water repellent.